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Owners & Staff

The number one thing that makes Appletree Court the best in the business is our staff. We have the most loyal, most dedicated, best-trained staff you will find anywhere. Over 50% of our staff has worked at Appletree Court for greater than 5 years! Some, including our Department Heads have been here since we opened in 1999.


We are locally owned and operated by Candace and John Leonard. Candace, a licensed Occupational Therapist, and John, a Custom Home Builder, designed, built, decorated, and manage Appletree Court. They are active in the day-to-day operations and believe that, "providing a loving, happy home for people during their twilight years and providing the same loving, happy environment for our staff is our greatest reward".


What does this mean for you? It means that you won't experience constant turnover and new faces. It means that we have worked together and learned what works well and what doesn't. It means direct access to the owners at any time, with no corporate run around. It quite simple means THE BEST CARE AROUND!

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