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AppleTree Court COVID-19 Information

Updated: April 6, 2020

Dear Franklin Park Residents, Friends & Employees:

The health and well-being of Franklin Park residents and employees remains our top priority. We’re closely monitoring the current COVID-19/Coronavirus situation and, per the CDC and other health agencies, and taking appropriate steps to protect our residents and staff.

First and foremost, I want to thank the wonderful employees at each of our communities for their continued dedication during these trying times. The battle would be lost without their outstanding efforts!!!

The COVID-19 situation continues to worsen across the country, and it appears that we may be facing this threat for months to come. We understand the hardships that everyone has been forced to endure and that it is especially hard to not be able to visit our loved ones residing in various levels of retirement communities. It is important, even more so today, that we maintain our vigilance and continue to prevent any unnecessary visits to the communities in order to add a layer to protection to the at-risk population that we serve at the Franklin Park communities.

As all three major metro areas we serve have elevated evidence of community spread of COVID-19, we are taking the following additional steps to those previously noted in prior communications:

  • Residents of all communities are being asked to remain in their apartments as much as possible during the month of April.
  • Residents, staff and visitors are all asked to wear a facemask when interacting with others.
  • Employees are being asked to commit to working at our community only and not working at a second community to prevent the possibility of bringing the virus from one community to another.
  • We are working with third party providers, such as home health, hospice and therapy to greatly reduce the number of visits into the communities through the month of April.
  • • New admissions are being delayed until May 1, with a few exceptions that were already in process for this week. Those admissions will be quarantined to their apartment for 14 consecutive days with no symptoms.
  • Protective protection equipment (PPE) inventories are rising as we have been able to secure much needed masks recently.

Please take the Texas Stay-at-home order seriously and help to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

  • Wear a mask when interacting with others outside of your own home.
  • Consolidate shopping trips for necessary supplies…the stores are not open so we can get out of the house.
  • Get out of the house to walk, run or jog…sunshine and exercise is good for your immune system. Just make sure to avoid getting in other’s space when outside.
  • Wash your hands, wash them again and again and again!!!
  • Interact with others using the phone or other devices…isolation is not healthy for anyone.

All the communities have many ways for you to communicate with your loved one. We are using Facetime or video chat to have personal conversations; handwritten letters are always appreciated by the residents and e-mail is growing in use by our residents. You can also set up a time to visit in person using “Porch Talks” where the resident will be inside the community and you will be outside while the two of you communicate through the window, while maintaining safe social distancing. Please contact the community to set up a visit…timeslots are limited.

I truly appreciate your assistance and compliance with the all the temporary measures as it will help to prevent the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus throughout our communities and the country in general. Patience is the word of the season…we will get through this!!!

Kevin Wilbur
Chief Operating Officer