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See what our residents and families have to say about Appletree Court

My Mom and my Dad have been living at Appletree Court Assisted Living now for almost 2 years. We looked for a very wonderful place for my parents to make their new home, after living in their own home for such a long time. I did all of my homework in looking high and low for that exceptional place. Having to take care of my parents was all very new to me at the time. I did not know then what I know now, but I am continually grateful we made the decision and chose Appletree Court. I feel they get exceptional care. The caregivers and the staff are always cheerful and the facility is always very clean and cared for. I love seeing them interact with their friends that they have made since moving there. My dad had to be away for a bit in rehab after an illness and all he longed for was to be back at Appletree. They both call it “Home”.
I really can’t say enough about my peace of mind knowing that my parents are happy, safe and are taken care of in such an extremely wonderful way in a beautiful caring environment. We are so thankful we found this wonderful place. Thank you so much Appletree Court!
Steel family

My mother recently moved to Appletree Court and we are all thankful she did. The staff has been responsive and caring with her requests and concerns. They assisted us in every step of the process to make this challenging event as smooth as possible for all of us. They are cheerful and truly seem to enjoy their work. Mother is adjusting well and enjoying her new lifestyle.
Chester family

I moved my mother into Appletree Court in early September from a senior living apartment complex. She needed to be at a place that provides caregivers on an on-call basis and Appletree is great! I love it that the staff pays attention to your loved one. Their facility is extremely clean and the staff is very attentive and caring. I highly recommend Appletree Court.
Spring family

Appletree Court couldn’t be more accomodating for our Mother. She moved in in July and always makes the comment she feels like she is at home at Appletree. The staff is always there for every question. We cannot say enough positive things about Appletree Court!
Umpleby family

Last October my mom’s doctor told us she could no longer live in her beloved independent living situation due to ongoing health problems. She is still very aware and competent, however, she has lost her “executive function” and kept feeling lost and confused in the large environment she was in. I did a major search for a place that could be a good fit for her and found Appletree Court. Happily, not only is it four minutes from my house in Richardson, but even more important it is ideal for her. I love that Appletree is a privately owned organization. Everyone knows who she is, she is treated well, and she feels safe. After she moved in, she decided she wasn’t “sick” anymore – both her doctor and I agree it is because she is in a secure, serene environment. She goes to meals regularly, she plays games, she goes to movie night – in all, she participates in activities and is happy there. I am so grateful to have found a loving and caring environment for my mother!
Davis family

Appletree Court was the answer to our family’s prayer. Moving mom from her home of 52 years went so smoothly due to the fact of the management and staff welcoming her with smiles and hugs. After being at Appletree for 2 months, mom still tells me how she loves her new surroundings and the new friends she has met!
Petrelli family

I moved my father into this facility two months ago and could not be happier. Everything about it from the management, the caregivers and the environment is so caring and helpful. My father is 97, and they all go out of their way to help him. Always with a smile on their faces! Enough cannot be said about the support staff, they are simply the best! Their food is always fresh with plenty of choices and they often have live music for entertainment in the afternoons. The whole facility is always cean, bright and cheerful just like everyone that works there.
Gillingham family

I moved to Appletree Court last fall. I can tell you that Appletree Court is a safe and secure haven for those of us that choose no longer to live in our own homes. Management is very attuned to the needs of the residents. The caregivers are marvelous. They love us, and it is evident in how they treat us on a daily basis.
A. Hasbrook

My mother-in-law moved into this facility in December 2015 and it has been the answer to our prayers. The staff is very caring and treats each of the residents with the utmost respect. They realy get to know not only the residents, but their families as well. When she needs something, their response time is excellent. The facility is always clean and does not smell like a “nursing home.” We toured a lot of places before finding Appletree Court, but I can’t imagine my mother-in-law being anywhere else.
Harris family

My 96 year old aunt moved to Appletree Court a year ago and we couldn’t be happier with the decision. From the moment you walk through the front door and throughout the place you feel a special level of caring and kindness from every person you meet. My aunt consistently tells me how “special” the staff make her feel. She often expresses how “good” the caregivers are at what they do. Appletree is privately owned and many of the staff members are long time employees. It’s obvious the facility is managed by an incredible team. I highly recommend you visit Appletree Court where you can see and feel the difference the wonderful people make in this fabulous place!
Krause Family

Moving from my home of many years was traumatic, but once settled at Appletree Court, I realized it was the wisest decision of my life. As a 6-year resident, I have found management strives, and beautifully succeeds, to provide a healthy, safe, satisfying environment for its residents and I am thankful to have chosen Appletree Court as my home.
B. Hamilton

My mother’s physical therapist highly recommended Appletree Court. Since the therapist travels daily to several assisted living communities, I figured she knew what’s what! From the entrance, to the beautiful courtyard, to the tastefully decorated dining room, Appletree Court is top notch. The facilityis sparkling clean, the grounds well-manicured, and the staff energetic and knowledgeable. The menus are diverse and well prepared. Activities and entertainment are offered that cater to a variety of interests and tastes. Appletree Court supplies an environment that supports and involves each resident according to their unique needs, and I feel confident that mom is safe and well cared for.
Otteman Family

My 92 year old mother moved into Appletree Court Assisted Living last year.  She moved reluctantly, on the advice of her physician.  I am happy to say that she loves it!  She easily made friends and she enjoys playing games and attending the wonderful musical performances.  Games are everyday, and music is three times a week!  Another blessing for my mom is the faith-based opportunities on site – a weekly women’s bible study, Wednesday night service, and Sunday morning worship. However, the biggest blessing of Appletree Court is the staff. From the director, the marketing director, the activities director, and the personal care director – all the way through the gamet of caregivers who help my mother every day.  I see love, joy, patience, and compassion in their interactions with my mother and other residents, as well.  Yes – there have been adjustments, and perfection is not to be found anywhere, but I HIGHLY recommend Appletree Court.  I would choose it for myself if I needed it today!
Clinch Family

We moved my mother from Georgia to be close to her family in Texas.  We were looking for a place where she would be comfortable and well-cared for, and we have definitely found that in Appletree Court.  My mother loves it at Appletree and has been shown lots of care and concern.  The facilities are fabulous, and the activities have kept her busy and active.  The residents are always telling us how much they love their home, and my mother is telling us that also!! A difficult situation has been turned into a real blessing thanks to Appletree Court and its staff!!
Fletcher Family

After looking at numerous assisted living facilities for my mother, together we chose Appletree Court for her new home.  The staff is friendly, helpful, and competent.  The facility is always clean, homey and inviting.  Mom enjoys the food there as well as the varied activities and opportunities for interaction with other residents.  We feel that we made the best decision possible for my mother.  She is happy and safe there, and that was certainly our goal in choosing Appletree Court.
Stone Family

After a lengthy illness, we chose Appletree Court as Mom’s new home.  After a year of star treatment, Mom left to live independently once more, but told the staff, “I WILL BE BACK!”  Another year later and a broken hip, without hesitation, Mom returned to AC as a “two-timer.”  Upon her return, she was so happy to see ALL the same staff, caregivers, and housekeepers.  Most of the employees have been with Appletree Court for 5-15 years.  This speaks volumes!  This is an EXCEPTIONAL community with an experienced management team and 5 STAR caregivers who treat their residents like family.  They are happy, kind, friendly and go out of their way to accommodate the special needs of their residents.  My Mom is happy at Appletree and I am able to sleep peacefully, knowing my Mother is well cared for.
Branscome Family

As residents of this community, my husband and I highly recommend Appletree Court in Richardson, TX to anyone seeking a comfortable, caring environment for themselves or a loved one.  One of the things that sold us immediately on this community is that it is privately owned.  The caregivers here at Appletree Court show respect for the residents and interact with them in a cheerful and loving manner.  At mealtimes, we enjoy good food and good times of visiting with fellow residents and the servers.  Gathering in the “Great Room” for various types of emtertainment gives us an opportunity to make acquaintances and form friendships with fellow residents.  We have lived in Appletree Court for almost a year, and we count our blessings every day for a good place to live.
Bob and Patsy Evans